Convert Your Laptop Into a Wireless Hotspot

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Did you know that your laptop can function as a wireless hot spot? As long as your laptop runs both Ethernet and Wi-Fi at the same time, it can work as a wireless hot spot.

But why would you want to convert your laptop into a hot spot? Imagine a situation where there are several people, probably attending a conference, but there is just one ethernetconnection. How could everybody connect to the internet? Simple, convert one of the laptops into a hot spot and share the single ethernet connection with everyone else.

Let’s see how to do that. It is actually much easier than you would imagine.

In Windows Vista:

* Connect the laptop to the internet using the ethernet cable.
* Open the control panel and go into the Network and Sharing Center.
* Set up a new connection called a wireless ad hoc network.
* Give it a name and setup the desired security options.
* Deselect Save this Network.
* Finally, click on Turn on Internet Connection Sharing.
* Now anyone can connect to your laptop’s Wi-Fi.

In Windows XP:

* Make sure your laptop is connected to the Internet using the ethernet cable.
* Go to Control Panel and open up Network Connections.
* Right-click on your wireless connection and select Properties.
* On the Wireless Networks tab, check Use Windows to configure my wireless network setting.
* Under Preferred networks, click Add, and name your network.
* Select shared, and provide a password.
* Click the Advanced button and select Computer-to-Computer (ad hoc) networks only.
* Go back to the Network Connections control panel and open the Properties dialog for your wired internet connection.
* Go to the Advanced menu and check the box next to Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.

It looks like a lot of steps for XP, but when you actually do it, you would be up and running in a couple of minutes.

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You Tube Converter

Pernah tak korang download lagu atau video klip daripada youtube pastu nak tukar ke mp3??
Kalau korang rasa susah @ tak tau mcm mana nak buat, Xilisoft converter adalah jawapannya.
Software ni berkemampuan utk terus convert fail daripada youtube ke mp3.
Tak perlu nak buang masa download pastu baru nak convert.
Jadi, kat bawah ni aku tunjukkan sikit mcm mana nak pakai software Xilisoft ni.   Aku amik cth lagu best dari Maher Zain nih.
Copy link @ url video ni. Mcm kat anak panah tu.


Pastu bukak software Xilisoft. Klik kat anak panah tu.

Pastekan url yang dah copy tadi kat anak panah mcm dlm gambar.

Pastu korang boleh pilih nak convert ke fail apa. Cth yg aku buat ni ialah convert ke mp3.
Pastu klik OK.

Xilisoft akan convertkan fail yang korang dah copy link tadi ke komputer korang.
Senang kan??? ^_^

p/s: aku harap korang tak pakai software ni utk download lagu mcm cth kat atas nih (cth yg tak bagus, hehe). Nak dgr lagu beli la cd original.

Pening dengan hutang kad kredit??? Ketahui rahsia urus kad kredit dengan efektif.